2018-2020: Get buckets

Hoopstir began as a Sports Software application designed to support and automate the administrative tasks required for basketball, such as, collecting fees and selling merchandise; promoting effective communication between organziations and their participants; organizing your data in a structured manner so operations can be reviewed and communicated.

Unlike competing platforms, Hoopstir treats basketball as a unique discipline providing basketball-specific administrative and coaching solutions.

2020-Future: Learn and Grow

The pandemic that began in March 2020 changed way basketball was organized and played. Hoopstir, required to adapt to changing coaching methods, began to think beyond basketball. By integrating live-stream technology into our existing platform Hoopstir enabled basketball clubs to take their new and innovative coaching and training online. At the same time, Hoopstir transitioned its functionality to accommodate a broader spectrum of courses and activity types.

The transition from traditional learning environments to digital ones is something that teachers, coaches, artists, and creators are all exploring. By extending the Hoopstir platform to all areas of pedagogy Hoopstir supports learning in 2020 and beyond.

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